What is Computer Support?

The most popular support service that is used all around the world is technical support/ computer support. A trained technician hired by Countrywide Tech. helps you in fixing up any kind of an issue that your computer is facing. This process is done by remotely logging into your computer, with your permission.

Types of Computer Support:

  • Email Support- A unique ticketing system known as “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) is used to get all the details of our customer. An email is sent to us by our customer and our technician would make sure to reply back to him/her.
  • Chat Support- Many companies have an operating system that is used for online chats with a customer. By doing this the company ensures that instant service is provided to the customer.
  • Telephonic Support- the most traditional method of support service is calling up a call center and talking to the technicians. Our technicians help you by remotely taking in your computer screen and resolve the issue themselves.

What do we fix?

  • Virus attack/ Anti-virus installation
  • “Slow as a turtle” that’s my computer
  • Password recovery
  • Backup and Restore
  • Upgradation of Operating System (OS)
  • Pop-up errors/ Blue Screen
  • Customize my computer
  • Removal of junks
  • Tuning and Optimization
  • Recover deleted files

Got an issue with your PC? Need online computer support, call Countrywide Tech. on our toll-free number +1 844-666-2841

What Devices Do We Support?